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We take pride in hiring and training knowledgeable staff, where safety, professional appearance, and experience are important.

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where putting you first is what we do
We are a lawn restoration company that is dedicated to delivering exceptional results for each of our Customers! We take pride in hiring and training knowledgeable staff, where safety, professional appearance, and experience are important. Our mission is to continually satisfy our customer’s highest expectations by providing professional services, a straight-forward pricing menu with no hidden charges, and services that will help restore, or maintain the health of your lawn.
Let’s Make Your Lawn Look its Best!

We Offer a Variety of Lawn Renovation Services That Have One Common Goal: To Make Your Lawn Look Great!

Our Services

Let’s Make Your Lawn Look its Best!

Improves drainage, reduces runoff, and allows nutrients to reach the roots…


Hedge and small tree trimming services are available...

Soil Conditioner

a topsoil alternative that accelerates the development of depleted soils with low organic matter…

Mow & Trim

We can mow and trim your lawn one time, or provide you with regular lawn care...


The application of starter fertilizer to a newly seeded lawn is an important step in the lawn renovation process...


Removes moss and dead grass and allows your lawn to grow thick and healthy…

Moss Killer

Works with De-thatching to complete moss kill…

Mulch Application

The ultimate way to provide the “curb appeal” that your property deserves…

Spring Cleanup

Spring cleaning is a great way to remove leaves and branches left behind from the winter storms that have been ravaging the pacific northwest...

Pressure Washing

If it’s dirty, our high pressure water spray will make it clean…

What Our Clients Say

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"First class all the way. Great doorhanger. Honest pricing. Fast communication. On time service. Hardest working crew I’ve ever seen. And my lawn is looking great!"
Mill Creek
I received this very professional doorhanger on my front door and as I was walking to the trash can with it, the service menu caught my eye. I couldn’t believe it. These guys offered everything that my lawn needed, and the Hydroseeding service was just icing on the cake. I called, asked for a bid, and five days later the work was done. Three weeks later I’m looking at amazing lawn!
"It had been quite awhile since I paid any attention to my lawn, so these guys had their job cut out for them! I'm happy to say that within a month of having my lawn dethatched, aerated, and overseeded, the results were nothing short of fantastic. I will be quite keen to use their Services again.
"My friend told me about these guys and I'm so glad he did! In a matter of weeks my lawn is looking like it did after it was installed many years ago. To do this I ordered the VIP package, which was a very inexpensive way to get rid of the moss and totally restore my lawn. Highly recommended!"
Tammy M

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