Hydroseeding promotes the fastest germination possible providing you with a lush, healthy looking landscape at an affordable cost.

Hydroseeding is a fast one step method to seeding grass that can produce sod quality results very quickly. The seed, fertilizer, and a protective mulch covering that helps to keep the seed moist and promote fast germination are sprayed on your lawn in one simple step. The benefits of Hydroseeding vs sod are unbelievable when looked at from a cost perspective as sod is very expensive, while Hydroseeding is not. Additionally, Hydroseeding produces remarkable results when compared to simply spreading dry seed as this form of overseeding does not guarantee soil to seed contact and germination rates tend to be low, while disappointment can run high. Finally, Hydroseeding is more effective than using a slice seeder or a spin spreader for similar reasons. When hydroseeding, the seed is suspended in a nutrient rich slurry and the contact with the water tends to jump start the germination process. The mix contains water, seed, fertilizer (when ordered), a tackifier that helps to hold the seed in place in the event of heavy rain, and organic, virgin wood fiber mulch which protects against wind and water erosion and stabilizes temperature variances. When combining these ingredients you can be assured of an ideal growing environment for high quality turf.

The application of Hydroseeding

Residential customers love hydroseeding! It looks beautiful when applied, and the seed germinates quickly providing a better result than expensive sod at approximately 1/5th the cost!